Smoked Sausage


Pulled Pork


Pulled Chicken


Sliced Brisket

LD's Smoked Sausage
LD's BBQ Pulled Pork
LD's chicken
LD's Sliced Brisket

What’s good… Brisket, pork, sausage, chicken, ribs, short ribs, beans with ribs, potato salad, BANANA PUDDING What’s bad… They are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

– Fred

After watching the BBQ shows on the Food Network last week my mouth was watering. It’s been said that you should judge a Pit Master by the taste of how they make brisket. You will not be disappointed by LD.s. The ribs were also awesome too.

– Paul

HOLY CRAP!!!!!! I have been wanting to come here for awhile now and finally did last night!!!!!! I picked up a pound of the brisket and took it home. I already ate dinner and bought it for dinner this weekend. HOLY WOW OH WOW!!!!!!! I had to take a taste before I put it in the refrigerator!!!!! It was amazing!!!! I can’t wait to go back and try something else now!!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!!