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Best bbq in Wisconsin! Love LDs, always great food and kind people. Feels like home

– Ashley

First time we have been there, was highly recommended by a friend. We live an hour away. It was well worth the drive. Non-pretentious , counter service. Attractive and clean. EXCELLENT barbecue! Husband had the sampler, ribs, chicken, brisket with a side of mac n cheese and cornbread. Very generous portions. Best barbecue we have ever had in Wisconsin! I had mac n cheese with shredded chicken. It was excellent. Brought home lots of leftovers. Reasonable prices for barbecue. HIGHLY recommend!

– Jane

This is one of my favorite restaurants to go to in the area especially for barbecue… I don’t think the owner realizes how much we love his place!! Leon you’ve got the best barbecue in the state actually whenever I travel I try to eat at barbecue restaurants but no one compares to LD’S BBQ!!

– B.H.

Seriously one of the best BBQ joints I’ve ever been to. The portions are fantastic and the meat is incredible! While I was waiting in line the owner came out and said hello to everyone and seemed genuinely excited to be able to greet everyone. The staff was friendly, the food was great… What more can you ask for?

– Carrie

Their BBQ is phenomenal! Their new location is also very nice. Really friendly wait staff. You know the food is great when people are waiting in the parking lot 10 minutes before they open at 11 a.m. on a rainy Saturday.

– Patti

The best pulled pork, chicken, brisket, and ribs anywhere. Sides of beans, Cole slaw, cornbread, and man ‘n’ cheese. Awesome! Warning: Often busy with 20-min. wait on weekend evenings, especially between 6-7, but only because it’s so popular and so delicious!

– Timothy

Finding true real BBQ in WI is like finding a unicorn. When I say real bbq…I’m talking an outdoor smokehouse, a pitmaster, homemade sauces and rubs….not some “bbq” place that cooks their meat in a pressure smoker in their kitchen. Well, Leon Davis, you are the unicorn!! Legendary bbq! So good it doesn’t even need sauce! I knew I was in for a treat when I smelled the smoke and bbq when I was 2 blocks away!! And saw the long line out the door of people waiting! Well done sir!

– Eric

It’s my go to BBQ joint. Best in WI hands down. Went to RibFest earlier this summer just as an excuse to eat their BBQ.

– Chris

Just had the BEST LUNCH EVER of chicken, ribs and wonderful side dishes!
Tried the brisket and pulled port earlier this week which were excellent too. The chicken is my favorite!

– Jane

Nothing here is bad. All the barbecue is phenomenal and you will never have a bad meal here. The beef brisket is my favorite because it is melt in your mouth. Try it you will not be disappointed.

– Tom

I’ve travelled all over the country and try the BBQ wherever I go. LD’s ranks with or above the best from Texas to the Carolinas and Memphis to Kansas City. Everything on their menu is excellent!

– Troy

The best BBQ that I have found in Wisconsin. I’m well traveled and have eaten bbq across this great land. LD’s stands up to the best!! I’m so happy to have them around that I drive from Milwaukee when I get that craving without a second thought. Their holiday Hams are awesome as well…. Keep up the good work!!

– Jon

Our first time there was today! Such amazing food and people! Leon and staff are so friendly! Those ribs and pulled chicken though!! Everything was delish. Definitely coming back!

– Catrina

Roommate and I ate at LD’s for the first time this weekend. It was amazing! We drove 45 minutes from Shorewood (north-shore of Milwaukee) and it was well worth it!. I got the $22 sampler platter dinner and made a few meals out of it. The ribs were the best part! The smoked chicken, sausage and brisket were great too. I hope you open another location in Milwaukee or Waukesha 🙂

– Jim

I’ve eaten at the Rendezvous in Memphis, not great. The Central BBQ in Memphis, excellent! This place, better than Central!

– Mike

Wow! Fantastic food, friendly folks, awesome service, and all-around an amazing experience! If this place was closer to home, I’d be closer to needing a gym membership. It will definitely be our stop anytime we are within driving distance!

– Jared

Awesome food, BBQ is outstanding drove 40 minutes just to get it. Love the vinegar base sauce.

– James

Great service! Saw as one of the top bbq places in Wisconsin. Definitely nothing left to be desired! Nothing left on any plate. Could have gone for a second plate before leaving!! Told the hubby we could have ordered for dinner as well!!! Smokey flavor sits on your tongue! Not overbearing, just awesome!!!

– Andrea

This is the best BBQ that I’ve had in the state. I first discovered it years ago, by accident. Over the years I’ve introduced several friends to it and they all love it too – including someone who claims to be a BBQ aficionado, and once toured Texas sampling it. We all make the trek from Milwaukee regularly – despite having other places to go in town…

– Jack

I’ve been to St. Louis, Dallas / Ft Worth and Memphis eating all kinds of BBQ and LD’s by far has the best BBQ around and I only have to travel 30 miles to get it. I would and will recommend LD’s BBQ to anyone and everyone. This place is the Best!!!

– Shaun

Yeah I know this is a BBQ place but the mac & cheese is awesome. Husband and I split a combo platter that had brisket, sausage, ribs and chicken. If I wasn’t on the motorcycle I probably would have bought a couple pounds of sausage and ribs to take home. The sausage was hands-down the winner out of all the meats I tried just due to flavor alone.

– Kimberly