Served on a Kaiser Roll. All sandwiches come with your choice of 1 side dish.

Side dishes: Cole Slaw, Corn Bread, Potato Salad, Ribs-n-beans.

Pulled Pork


Pulled Chicken


Smoked Sausage


Sliced Brisket

LD's Sandwich
LD's pulled pork
LD's sliced brisket

I recently attended Rib Fest this past weekend. We tried a few different things from a few different places. We ordered a brisket sandwich from Ld’s and put a vinegar based sauce on it. It was the BEST thing we ate at Rib fest. We wish we would have eaten there first so we could have tried more! I can’t wait to come to the restaurant and see what else you guys have.

– Sarah

Melt in your mouth pulled chicken and pork. The best cornbread ever!! Would highly recommend!

– Tammy

Brisket sandwich was amazing and their mild BBQ sauce was awesome! From California visiting family or I’d come here a TON! Highly recommend.

– Ashley